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Based on our proven SEPAApp technology we implemented several solutions for our customers:

  • Easy QR-bill: Easy QR-bill is an application to create Swiss QR-bills in PDF format. Simply enter the invoice data with Excel , Open/LibreOffice or in CSV format (comma separated). The QR-bill can be generated as a simple payment slip or based on your bill template. A simple solution, if your invoice software does not support Swiss QR-bills. You can download Pain-Konverter and test it for 60 days full-featured. After that you may buy a license.
  • Pain-Konverter: Pain-Konverter imports files (with credit transfers and direct debits) in the subformat pain.001.001.02, pain.001.002.03 or pain.001.003.03 or rather pain.008.002.02 or pain.008.003.02 and converts them into the subformat pain.001.001.03 or rather pain.008.001.02. Multiple import files with credit transfers may be merged to one export file. A simple solution, if your software works with other subformats as your bank or other of your software needs. You can download Pain-Konverter and test it for 30 days full-featured. After that you may buy a license.
  • SEPA-Converter: SEPA-Converter imports files (with credit transfers) in a custom Excel format, exports several SEPA subformats (, pain.001.003.03) and supports several currencies and a division of costs between sender and receiver of the payment. This solutions suits best, if your credit transfer data – which you want to transfer into SEPA format – from your existing software has a fixed format.
  • IBAN-Checker (DE): IBAN-Checker (DE) is a (free) Android App to check (German) IBANs. Currently not maintained!

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