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Based on our proven SEPAApp technology we implemented several solutions for our customers:

  • PAIN-Converter: PAIN-Converter imports files (with credit transfers) in the subformat pain.001.001.02 or pain.001.003.03 and converts them into the subformat pain.001.001.03. Multiple import files may be merged to one export file. A simple solution, if your software works with other subformats as your bank or other of your software needs.
  • SEPA-Converter: SEPA-Converter imports files (with credit transfers) in a custom Excel format, exports several SEPA subformats (, pain.001.003.03) and supports several currencies and a division of costs between sender and receiver of the payment. This solutions suits best, if your credit transfer data – which you want to transfer into SEPA format – from your existing software has a fixed format.
  • IBAN-Checker (DE): IBAN-Checker (DE) is a (free) Android App to check (German) IBANs.

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