SEPAApp: the #1 for your SEPA direct debits and credit transfers.

With a few clicks SEPAApp comfortably creates a SEPA file for the transfer to your bank from your direct debits and credit transfers .

You can capture the direct debits and credit transfers itself into Microsoft Excel ®, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or use any software that can store your data as .xls/.xslx, .ods or .csv file. Use your previous software just continue, even if this does not SEPA support. The by SEPAApp generated SEPA file can be sent via a home banking software or the bank portal on the Internet directly to your bank. The file is the same as since 08/01/2014 and with some banks since 02/01/2014 required SEPA format (XML format) to ISO 20022 (pain.001.001.03, pain.008.001.02, pain.001.003.03, pain.008.003.02, CBIPaymentRequest.00.04.00, CBISDDReqLogMsg.00.01.00,,, pain.008.001.02.chsdd.02, pain.008.001.02.CH.03, pain.001.001.03.austrian.003/4, pain.008.001.02.austrian.003/4, pain.001.001.02, pain.001.002.03, pain.008.002.02, pain.001.001.09 (GBIC3/4, AXZ/CCU, CH03), pain.008.001.08 (GBIC4)). SEPAApp_Diagramm_EN SEPAApp verifies the information in the processing and gives you information on errors, eg invalid IBAN. Your own bank data you can store in SEPAApp, so you must type them only once. The processing of your data is entirely at your computer and not – as usual – on external servers. SEPAApp around the world

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What our customers say about SEPAApp

SEPAApp is very easy to use and allows me to create a SEPA file with a few clicks .
Dirk S., Forstgenossenschaft Förste
I want to thank you very much.
Alfred B., Förderverein für Waldorfpädagogik e.V. Brunnthal
SEPAApp allows me to generate payment orders from my existing Excel files that I can directly send to the bank.
Marco W., Badischer Judo-Verband
That works! Thank you very much for your help.
Hervé J., PC Futé
Many thanks for creating such a great tool.
Claude R., Farsons Group
Your software is brilliant and easy to use.
Stephen O., NRC Taxis Dublin
It’s a great App – saved us having to upgrade our accountancy software package.
John C., Silverstone Media Solutions Ltd.
Your software is really excellent. All other SEPA software is complicated and makes problems.
Simeon B., Treasurer Lesezeichen e.V.
Love the App: Simple and effective!
Tim R.,

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Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us! Answers to your questions can be found in the manual or alternatively in our FAQs.

Latest Features?

SEPAApp’s features will continuously be extend! We adjust SEPAApp promptly to our customers needs and the ongoing technical development:

  • 04/2024: The new subformat for credit transfers is now supported: pain.001.001.09 (GBIC3/4, AXZ/CCU, CH03).
  • 04/2024: The new subformat for direct debits is now supported: pain.008.001.08 (GBIC4).
  • 07/2023: Structured address format (StrtNm, PstCd, TwnNm) can be used in credit transfers.
  • 07/2023: Additional Service Levels, e.g. URGP, NURG etc. can be selected for credit transfers.
  • 07/2023: The old subformat pain.008.001.01 (direct debits) is supported.
  • 01/2022: The new Swiss subformat for direct debits are now supported: pain.008.001.02.chsdd.02 und pain.008.001.02.CH.03.
  • 01/2022: The old (German) subformats pain.001.002.03 (credit transfers) and pain.008.002.02 (direct debits) are now supported.
  • 01/2021: Payments for and from multiple accounts in a single file are possible (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 01/2021: A request of SWIFT Confirmations via ADEB can be added (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 10/2020: A PDF report with checksums for credit transfers was added (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 10/2020: The QR-Invoice (Switzerland) is now supported (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 06/2020: SEPAApp is capable to automatically convert (special characters etc.) in SWIFT character set.
  • 06/2020: Credit transfers are now extended to be used with Account-No. and BIC (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 02/2020: The Direct debit type can be set in the import file for each payment individually (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 02/2020: Instant credit transfers can be created by SEPAApp now.
  • 08/2019: Multiple accounts are manageable on the GUI.
  • 08/2019: Settings can be resetted to default, imported or exported.
  • 04/2019: Credit transfers are now extend to be used with Bankgiro-No. and ClearingSystem (format 001.001.03 only, SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 04/2019: Credit transfers are now extend to be used with SCOR (instead of remittance information) (format 001.001.03 only, SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 01/2019: There is an Italian version of SEPAApp available.
  • 01/2019: A free input of the payment ID on the SEPAApp GUI is now possible (direct debits/credit transfers).
  • 01/2019: Express credit transfers are now available for all subformats (except the “old” format 001.001.02).
  • 01/2019: Credit transfers with the Swiss subformat are now extended to be used with ESR-account number and ESR reference number (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 01/2019: It is now possible to import an individual execution date from the import file for both direct debits and credit transfers (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 05/2018: It is now possible to use address data for each payment from the import file (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 05/2018: The currency can be entered on the GUI or (SEPAApp Pro only) set individually from the import file.
  • 05/2018: The charge bearer can be set on the GUI (SEPAApp Pro only).
  • 05/2018: New versions of the Austrian format 008.001.02.austrian.004, 001.001.03.austrian.004 are supported.
  • 08/2017: There is a French and Spanish version of SEPAApp available.
  • 06/2017: National Credit transfers in Switzerland with currency CHF are supported.
  • 06/2017: There is a Portuguese and Catalan version of SEPAApp available.
  • 05/2016: A new format is supported: legacy format credit transfers (pain.001.001.02)
  • 05/2016: An individual EndToEndId can be set by the user (on the GUI, via file SEPAApp Pro only), command-line interface (SEPAApp Pro only)
  • 01/2016: Further formats are now supportted: CBI/Italy (CBIPaymentRequest.00.04.00, CBISDDReqLogMsg.00.01.00)
  • 01/2016: Further formats are now supportted: Switzerland (,
  • 01/2016: Further formats are now supportted: Austria (pain.001.001.03.austrian.003, pain.008.001.02.austrian.003)
  • 07/2015: SEPAApp supports now single booking (and – as before – batch booking).
  • 03/2015: Business direct debits (B2B) are now possible with SEPAApp.
  • 07/2014: The EU standard formats pain.008.001.02 und pain.001.001.03 are supported by SEPAApp.
  • 06/2014: Import of OpenOffice/Libre-Office files (ODF format) and express direct debits (COR1) are implemented in SEPAApp.
  • 05/2014: SEPAApp supports “IBAN-only” – import of direct debist and credit transfers without BIC
  • 04/2014: There is an english version of SEPAApp available.
  • 03/2014: SEPAApp-Version for Mac OS available.
  • 02/2014: SEPAApp for Windows+Unix/Linux creates SEPA XML files (pain.008.003.02, pain.001.003.03) with direct debits + credit transfers from Excel- and CSV files (German version ).

You will find details in our version history.

Your own individual SEPAApp?

If you need an individual solution with feature SEPAApp does not have, then we will implement your own SEPA software for you – just what you want. Here you will find more information about solutions we build for our customers.

Integrate SEPAApp in your software?

If you want to integrate the creation of SEPA files seamlessly into your own software then we have the Command-line interface for you.


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